A. EnergyWise Roof Calculator Online examines energy costs only related to the roof assembly; it does not include walls, windows, or internal building components and operations. The calculator is not intended to be used as an accurate energy cost calculator. It is intended to compare an existing roof assembly with a proposed new roof assembly. Also keep in mind the results are only as good as the information you input. Remember to include items such as roof openings, ceiling plenums, appropriate fuel costs, etc.
A. In order to use the exception, a building has to be located in climate zones 1, 2 or 3 (these zones represent very warm climates). The city of Dayton is in Montgomery County which is in climate zone 5. Also keep in mind you cannot use the exception with roof assemblies over ventilated attics or semiheated spaces.
A. A therm is a unit of heat energy and CCF represents 100 cubic feet. One therm equals 100 cubic feet. So you would input the rate as shown on the bill. Some gas companies use MCF which equals 1000 cubic feet. In this case, you would divide the rate by 10.